Loopi Review

Loopi Review

I'm Florence, mom for over 7 years (I say it and I still find it hard to believe). Maker, creative, seamstress, I do a little bit of everything. 

I had my own children's clothing brand in Chile but since 2 and a half years ago I live in my native Switzerland (where I left as a baby), so I'll add nomad to the list of presentation as well.


I like to share with my community a lot of things and I've had the opportunity to support many, many entrepeneurs throughout my presence on Instagram and social media.  

Lately I have worked with several brands as an influencer (yes, for me it is also a strange concept) and I feel that my contribution in this small world in which we move is different and I would like to share it with you. 


For the same reason I have created this space where I hope to expand a little, tell you some stories and also do a little review (in my own way) about certain brands and products. 


I hope to help some moms and dads who are faced with hundreds of choices in a market over saturated with information. Where we are pressured to buy things we don't know if we will use. 

I would like you to know that I am completely transparent and honest in what I write. I don't pretend to tell a story just to look good for a brand. But it would also be transparent of me to say that I am generally a person who focuses on the positive rather than the negative. And it's hard for me to make lists highlighting pros and cons 😅 but I'm going to do my best (ACCORDING TO MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE).

I want to start with a collaboration I did with a Swiss brand that rents strollers and accessories. Why? 

Because it just ended our contract and I thought it would be good to do a more detailed analysis. 

It's a Swiss company called Loopi and their mission is to reduce the purchase of strollers by renting them. So you can test and use the models you like without having to pay full price if you don't use it that much. 



Their monthly payments are very fair and the service is amazing. 


How did we meet? 

To tell you the full story I have to put you a little bit in context 🤪


I really like to try out strollers. Or baby gear in general. I like to learn about brands and test the qualities. 

I make this clarification because as I tell you more you will see that I have had many buggys and that doesn't mean that I don't share Loopi's vision and mission. On the contrary! I find the idea fascinating and I hope they grow a lot. 


When I was pregnant I bought one of those all-inclusive strollers that promise to fulfill all possible expectations. 

A Joie Versatrax. It is a large model, with a spacious basket, a very comfortable seat to put the baby facing both directions, the color was beautiful, I even got the bassinet for the first months. Everything was spectacular. 



But! There's always a but 😉 I didn't consider becoming a mom who has a cargo bike and bikes around town with her two kids. 



I was never that person until now. Which I am. Proudly. I love riding my bike around town and I don't even make excuses when it's raining or cold anymore. I love it!


When I started to use the bike the first thing I thought was that this fantastic stroller did not fit in the cargo bike. 

So I started an intense search for the perfect compact buggy. 


I tried many! (We will talk about this at some point if you want).


Finally I decided to buy the Butterfly from Bugaboo (let me know if you want a full review of this one). 



I bought it in Dreikäsehoch Basel where I have always been attended spectacularly and I highly recommend you to go when you need guidance on any product. I will surely talk several times about this store because I go there quite often when I need guidance. 


Ok. Perfect. The Bugaboo is the perfect size for the bike, folds with one hand, reclines to sleep. All good. But (yes, another but 😅) winter comes and we have no footmuff. It's cold in Switzerland and I'm still not used to thinking about these things. 


That's when Loopi finds me and they kindly write me to offer me a membership to their strollers. 

Two weeks ago I had bought the same buggy 🫠🫠🫠🫠 but hey! They tell me that they not only have strollers but also accessories and much more! Even Bike carts! 

It was perfect.



They sent me the footmuff and the bumper bar for 6 months. 

I take this opportunity to tell you that their subscriptions are for a minimum of 6 months. 

I originally thought it would be nice if there was a shorter service as a trial but I fully understand that their mission is to reduce overproduction and pollution. And that shipping such a large product back and forth generates quite a bit of logistics. 


Moving on: the stuff arrived. New, impeccable, perfect. They saved our lives all winter long. It was perfect to be able to try the footmuff and above all to use it a lot during Bruno's first winter. Perfect because this winter will be different, my baby is not a baby anymore and he is walking, which changes a little bit the system of the coat. 

And what to say about the bump bar! I don't know if it's the same for your kids but the bump bar is a favorite around here 😅 to put their feet on, to put their mouths on, to steady themselves, to hold the water bottle, etc. 



Every time I have spoken to Loopi they have been extremely friendly and willing to help and answer any questions. 


I think their service is excellent and a radically innovative idea. 


As a person who enjoys trying children's gear I think this way will be much more convenient than buying them 😅😉


In a nutshell, I invite you to get to know Loopi. Because although we can plan many things in life, motherhood is going to show us that no matter what we do, there are always going to be changes in plans. 

And companies like this one exist to make our lives easier and to make us have to think of one less solution. 


I know this may be a bit of an exotic review 😅 Maybe you were expecting just words of praise and not a full novel. But that's just me. I talk a lot and I feel I have a lot to tell. As I was telling you, I over analyze everything and this is where I will be telling those analyses. 

But in case you just want Facts, here they are: 


I hope you find my story a little useful and if you need any details or have any questions write me, I'll be happy to answer you. 


Have a nice day! 




  • Meet Loopi here:  https://www.loopi.ch/
  • https://www.instagram.com/loopi.kids/
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