Who are we?

Established in Chile in 2016 - and now in Switzerland, LOLA handmade offers a unique selection of carefully curated accessories made with love.

At LOLA we believe that objects are imbued with power and meaning, and that artistry and craftsmanship is an important part of human existence.

Our mission is to flatter the beauty and dedication of handcrafting by creating unique pieces. To upcycle fabrics to prevent further environmental impact. 

We believe in the act of careful consumption. Our pieces are timeless creations with reused and long-lasting materials. Our pieces are unique creations that carry a touch of romanticism and vintage in all designs.

FLorence: THe mother and the creator of this project. For the last 15 years she dedicated herself with love and perseverance to the creation of timeless pieces, remaining loyal to her creativity she has consistently been inspired by her family.

Tomas: His passion for craftsmanship and his dedication to wood shows up with timeless toys.

Begoña: The muse of LOLA. Everything was born once she was born. 

Bruno: The little bug that keeps everything going on. 

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